About Us

It all began with the mission to save communication from the most catastrophic phenomenon: getting lost in translation!

Established in 2007, 7G Media entered the media foray as a communication specialist, skilled in ideating, strategizing and implementing bilingual brand communication that is both creative and result-oriented. 

Started in the business center of Dubai Media City, 7G Media Consultancies today has its office in Dubai Business Bay next to the new business hub of Dubai International Financial Center, Burj Khalifa and opposite to JW Marriott Marquis.

7G Media Consultancies is, at its core, a writing services provider that focuses on Arabic & English writing solutions for business. 

  • 7G Media has set a creative benchmark for communications in Arabic and English language.
  • It provides creative bilingual copy that has the same cutting edge.
  • Considered as one of best providers for creative bilingual copy across  MENA.
  • We provide comprehensive writing solutions for all sorts of communications.

Our Approach

Developing key brand messages that communicate the brand essence requires keen insights into the brand and target audience before writing strategic copy that has the power to engage, inspire and convert a consumer.

At 7G Media, our writing service is a diversified creative process which begins with understanding the communication objective and strategy, defining your brand’s tone of voice, and then empowering your brand with big ideas in a specialized way to optimize the key brand messaging across all media. We brainstorm, propose and execute as until the marketing objectives are met.

Being an independent entity unattached to big Marketing Communications groups offers us freedom to work in a friendly and personal style. We are passionate about our profession and enjoy discovering concepts, ideas and words that offers a unique experience to our audiences.

How it Works?


Our Thinktank

Developing a team that is aligned with our core vision and the vision of the brand has been our single-minded goal from the beginning. We have an experienced and senior team with a solid track record across industries and geographies. Our multi-disciplinary team has strategic vision and execution strengths and always delivers admirable solutions.

Carefully selected for each individual project, our team is diverse and specialized across media – print, digital and film. Equipped with varied skills, the team brings not only expertise to the writing table but also immense value emanating from cross-pollination between diverse minds backgrounds and cultures. Since knowledge is an ongoing process, we ensure our team is constantly updated with new learnings and trends from industry experts through comprehensive training workshops and seminars.