Urdu Translation in Dubai by professional translators and native speakers

Urdu Translation in Dubai

Urdu, a language primarily spoken in Pakistan, is an extract of Hindi-Urdu written using Arabic Nastaliq script, which closely resembles the modern Arabic letters that we are all familiar with today. Urdu is spoken by close to 200 million people around the world, and is the native language of over 1.6 million people in the UAE and 3.6 million people living in the MENA region. Understandably translating into Urdu or from Urdu as a source language is a task that only highly skilled and professional Urdu Translation services in Dubai can handle.

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Multilingual Website Translation Services in Dubai

Multilingual -Website- Translation -Services

Having a website is a crucial asset for any company. The website has almost substituted a company reception and call centre. The website is the first thing customers think of when exploring businesses that may have what they are looking for. However, if your business is in the Middle East, then the chances are the majority of the population will speak two, maybe even three languages demanding that every business website caters to all major languages spoken.

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The Difference Among Translation and Interpretation Services

Interpretation and Translation

There is a mutual misunderstanding about those who work in the field of translation and interpretation services in Dubai. Often these qualified experts are commonly referred to  as translators, and are capable of providing all kinds of linguistic services, supported by their comprehensive and superior knowledge of foreign languages. This alone is not enough these experts need to acquire a superior level of skill and training to work effectively in translation and interpretation respectively.

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