Social Media Marketing- Connect, Engage and Reach

These days marketing is far from a one-sided conversation or message. Now, everybody has a voice, and you must be ready to directly and individually communicate with each and every one of your audience.

7G Media offers Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai to help brands to connect effectively, to increase their brand recognition and brand loyalty, to achieve higher search engine rankings, as well as to be able to study, present and interpret insights and data relating to the effectiveness of social media posts and marketing campaigns. We focus on growing our clients’ online community, and turning casual followers into strong advocates for the brand. We bring our extensive experience to the table in campaign and community management, and our clients are elevated to the next level.

Having a strong presence on social media as a business is no longer optional; it’s actually integral to any chances of success. One of the core aspects to it all is that you are able to gain invaluable insight into what people actually think of your brand – and what you are doing. Every major global business has already built up a huge and loyal following on each of the top social networking sites, make sure you don’t get left behind!

7G Media are committed to ensuring our clients are able to fully utilise their social media channels. Our aim is true, our focus resolute: we increase brand awareness, audience engagement, inbound traffic, brand loyalty, and finally – business, for each of our clients.

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Social Media Marketing Services

7G Media offers a comprehensively put together social media marketing service, created ‎to give your business an established presence on social media ‎platforms in existence, while managing your engagement and interactions too.‎

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Our promise

At 7G Media, we believe in quality and follow a proven methodology to ensure delivery on time and budget. We are customer-focused, we take ownership of our work and maintain a keen eye for details.

We adhere strictly to timelines and client budgets while offering the social media marketing services. Our services goes beyond the client to even include serving the client’s clients as well.

To confirm what we commit for our social media marketing services, send us a request and get our value package today.

7G Media Approach to Social Media Marketing…

We Create & Engage : After in-depth analysis, we will begin work on the creation and distribution of content across each platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. Using our social media publishing tools, we can arrange bulk publishing and strategically timed posts to make sure they have the strongest and farthest possible reach.

We Monitor & Listen : Social Media gives a very unique opportunity for the masses to be able to feedback to you directly, stating exactly what they think of what it is you do. We monitor this feedback, and we listen intently to all the suggestions and reviews given.

We Measure : We provide in-depth analysis and reports detailing the success of each campaign launched, and every post published. We will identify what works.

You Grow : With 7G Media managing your social media channels, you can expect to reach audiences you never before knew existed, you will become established in the marketplace and you will be able to target those that will have the biggest impact and influence on your reputation. All this adds up to growth, expansion and finally – success.

7 Reasons to Choose

7G Media Social Media Marketing Services

  • We listen, we plan meticulously, and we collaborate effectively.

  • We remain at the top of the game on all social media channels.

  • We have the expertise and the experience you need

  • We think different, we see things clearly, we explain in decipherable terms

  • Our quality is the highest, our prices are not

  • We have the best knowledge across each industry and sector, we know what works

  • Like the postman, we always deliver

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