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The most Trusted Choice in MENA Resign

7G Media is the most trusted choice for clients looking for translation services in Dubai and the whole Middle East countries. We have gained the reputation of providing high quality multilingual translation content that overcomes communication barriers.

Our translation services that based in Dubai cater to a diverse mix of cultures and industries from hospitality, banking, finance, engineering, cars to telecommunications, retail and manufacturing. We cover various communication media, from Print advertising to PR press kits, and from digital to video content.

We are experts in Arabic, Asian and European translation. Our deep understanding of the different cultures and close proximity to the Arab countries gives us that added advantage to deliver best-in-class translation services. Our native translators have successfully provided the audiences across the globe with our end-to-end translation services that are available in over 50 languages.

Here is the list of our Translation Services:

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Translations in 50+ languages

Given below is a brief list of languages in which we translate. For translation in languages not mentioned here, please contact us.

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Our promise

At 7G Media, we believe in quality and follow a proven methodology to ensure delivery on time and budget. We are customer-focused, we take ownership of our work and maintain a keen eye for details.

We adhere strictly to timelines and client budgets while offering the most competitive cost efficiency for translating any content. Our translation services goes beyond the client to even include serving the client’s clients as well.

To confirm what we commit for our translation services, send us a request and get our value package today.

Our transcreation process

We believe that translating a brand’s communication into various languages is not about literal translation, it is a process that we called trans-creation which focuses on translating the idea rather than words. It is about having the same effect of the original copy on the audience in another language. We offer our trans-creation services for advertising agencies, production houses, and creative studios.

We understand that a meticulously crafted translated copy for ads campaigns, outdoor media, TVc is essential to communicate efficiently with the customers. Our team of qualified trans-creators (not just translators) provide clients with the right expertise to capture the message and deliver it effectively to a multicultural audience.

Being the foremost to trans-create content from Arabic to multiple languages and vice versa, 7G Media is equipped with a steady stream of specialized in-house Arabic translators/ Arabic copywriters and a translation process that enhances communication such that the message is not lost in translation.

7 Good Reasons to Choose

7G Media Translation Services

  • Dubai’s first translation-based copywriting agency.

  • Expert in Arabic “Trans-Creation” for advertising in the MENA region.

  • Benchmark standards for the creative translation services in Arabic language.

  • End-to-end bilingual Arabic and English content writing and translation solutions.

  • Best provider for media translation services across sectors and industries.

  • Translation services for more than 50 languages.

  • Specialized in-house translators, Arabic copywriters and English copywriters.

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