Get advantage in Asian Language translations : Russian, Chinese & Urdu.

At 7G Media, our expertise in Asian translation has been recognized by the industry in Dubai, with specialization in Chinese, Russian, Urdu, Hindi translation. These languages are very important in the evolving media and tourism market in Dubai, as marketers have identified a substantial amount of customers and tourists who only speak and understand these languages. Moreover, these are some of the most used languages in the world today.

So what is the 7G Media advantage? We understand that depending on the language we are translating, it may translate differently between countries as words may convey different meanings and mistranslating a word may perhaps become offensive.

We do not do literal translations and always maintain our intent to keep the meaning and original message from the source intact. For us, language translation is an art. Not a science, especially when translating Urdu, Hindi, Chinese and Russian.

Our team of translators in Urdu, Hindi, Chinese and Russian are not only experienced, having clocked many years in the industry, but also native writers of the languages, adding to the authenticity of the projects we complete.

Although English is a preferred global language, it is understood that companies need to have a specific language edge, to communicate to their target audience. And it doesn’t stop at online content, translation expertise need to extend to, advertising and communication as well.

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  • Dubai’s first advertising translation based advertising copywriting agency.
  • Expert in Arabic “Trans-Creation” for Arabic advertising translations in the MENA region.
  • High quality Advertising translation services at competitive prices.
  • End-to-end bilingual Arabic copywriting, English copywriting and advertising translation solutions.
  • Best provider for advertising translation services across sectors and industries.
  • Advertising translation services for more than 50 languages.
  • Specialized in-house advertising translators, English copywriters and Arabic copywriters.

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