Preserving the true meaning of the author’s thoughts across cultures

At 7G Media, we understand that Publishing translation requires specialized translation skills to ensure that the translated version conveys the true meaning, tone and essence in every language and across cultures.

We specialize in translating publishing content and execute the entire translation process in a way that the author’s original thoughts are preserved in the translation. The end result of our translations is not only a tribute to the author’s great work but also an absolute delight for the readers. Our in-house publishing content translators for books and magazines are experienced, deeply rooted in both cultures and experts in the source and the target language; they use their journalistic and editorial acumen and work with passion to execute the entire translation process.

From magazines to books (fiction and non-fiction), heritage and archival content, cultural guides and biographies, our book translation services caters to every organization looking for compelling publishing translation.

We are experts in Arabic Book Translations and provide Book translation services in 50+ languages. We provide all kinds of publishing translations. Given below is a brief list, please call us today for more details:

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7G Media Publishing Translation Services

  • Dubai’s first publishing translation based publishing copywriting agency.
  • Expert in Arabic “Trans-Creation” for Arabic publishing translations in the MENA region.
  • High quality publishing translation services at competitive prices.
  • End-to-end bilingual Arabic and English publishing content writing and publishing translation solutions.
  • Best provider for publishing translation services across sectors and industries.
  • Experts in Arabic Book Translation and provide book translation services in 50+ languages.
  • Specialized in-house book translators / English copywriters and Arabic copywriters.

Translation Languages

Brief list for Translation Languages.

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