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7G Media delivers  professional technical translation services to enable organizations to maintain their technical information in accurate, standard and updated form. From automotive and electronics to telecommunications and manufacturing, our technical translation services cater to the most complex and challenging industries.

Our industry-specific technical translators are meticulously chosen to deliver the most accurate manuscripts, manuals, dossiers, reports, registration documents, scientific articles, product specification sheets & textbooks based on specialized knowledge, competence and expertise.

Our technical translators have expertise in the industry specific glossary, terms, jargons and standards; they keep themselves updated with the latest industry trends and understand the language to deliver translations which are precise, accurate and meet the industry standards.

We are experts in Arabic Technical Translations and provide Technical Translation Services in 50+ languages. We provide all kinds of Technical Translations. Here is the brief list, please call us today for more details:

Patent Translation Service
Manuscripts Translation
Manuals Translation
Contracts Translation
Encyclopedias Translation
Reports Translation

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7G Good reasons to choose

7G Media Technical Translation Services

  • Dubai’s first technical translation based copywriting agency.
  • Expert in Arabic “Trans-Creation” for Arabic technical translations in the MENA region.
  • High quality technical translation services at competitive prices.
  • End-to-end bilingual Arabic and English technical content writing and technical translation solutions.
  • Best provider for technical translation services across sectors and industries.
  • Expert Arabic technical translation services and offer technical translation services in 50+ languages.
  • Specialized in-house technical translators / English technical writers and Arabic technical writers.

Translation Languages

Brief list for Translation Languages.

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Arabic Translation
English Translation
Russian Translation
Turkish Translation
Spanish Translation
Dutch Translation
French Translation
German Translation
Italian Translation
Kurdish Translation
Tagalog Translation
Hindi Translation
Urdu Translation
Mandarin Translation